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Hover over each image for a brief summary. For more information on each project, and to hear my work on it, click its title. * To hear my current music demo, click here!

A heartwarming short film chronicling the journey of a ball of light - done in an entirely new animation software for beginners.

Virtual Reality / Animated Short Film | 2019 John C. Hench Animation Final Project


Virtual Reality | 2017 Oculus Launch Pad Scholarship Recipient

Chrysalis is a VR adventure / exploration game where players navigate the innards of an aquatic beast to solve puzzles and uncover an underlying narrative.

Musical Number | Tap Dance and Singing

Age old question: If lumberjacks sing and dance in the woods, and no one is around to witness it, did it actually happen? Here's your answer.

Short Film | 2017 LA Shorts International Film Festival Selection

War-Vet Sean Kincaid is at a crossroads—will he fall into a life of crime or overcome his addiction to violence and start anew?

Virtual Reality | Student Project

Santiago is a multi-sensory virtual reality installation that explores

the idea of escapism through psychedelic visuals and music. 

Virtual Reality | Masters Thesis

A multi-sensory VR experience presented as a physical art installation. Inner Activity blurs the lines between technology, entertainment, and therapy.

Virtual Reality | Student Project

A memory game that helps player learn what they really want to know.

PC Game | Student Project

Explosive, extreme-sports inspired battle cars meet

action-packed arena style combat!

PC Game | Student Project

A young girl runs away from her family, sure to never come back. Out on her

own, she now has a choice—reunite with her parents, or let the sound of separation grow.

A nostalgia-filled remix of one of the most iconic themes in video games, done in anticipation of KINGDOM HEARTS 3.

EDM | Video Game Remix with 6TH STREET MUSIC



A reel of my best work as a composer, featuring music from projects listed on this page and additional works. Once your cursor is in the Tracks box, you can use the scroll bar on the right to navigate through the tracks.

Sound Design

A sample of my best sound effects, all custom-made, mixed, and mastered by me! A majority of the FX in this list were done for Virtual Reality and video games.

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