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Trailblazer _ Ollie juxtaposed

"Trailblazer" / Ollie (2019)

Role: Composer, Audio Lead

Project Description (Ollie): Ollie is a VR animation tool designed for beginners in 3D animation. Ollie introduces key concepts in animation (easing, squash and stretch, and more) to new animators in a highly visual way, making the animation process feel playful, approachable, and encouraging. For people who have no background in art or animation, existing 3D tools can feel complex and intimidating. Just as iMovie functions as a stepping stone to more advanced programs like Premiere for video editing, Ollie is the best way for beginners to start animating in 3D.

Project Description (Trailblazer): "Trailblazer" is an animated visual music piece that follows a ball of light as it travels through space and time, set to an original score and made with Ollie.

on the web

Click here to visit Ollie's beautifully simple one-page website, where you can see the latest demo of Ollie in action, and read about the tool in various animation publications.

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