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Recall (2016)

Role: ​Composer, Audio Lead

Project Description: 

Recall, an Advanced Games Project of the USC GamePipe Laboratory (part of the Viterbi School of Engineering), grants players entry into their own virtual mind palaces. These mind palaces help each player better absorb information from important documents, such as essays and news articles. Each mind palace is procedurally generated, and tailored specifically to the file the player uploads.


2016 KIUEL (Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life) Senior Design Expo - 1st Place

On the web

USC News wrote a great article exploring the various student projects of 2016 that were being developed in by GamePipe. The article explores Recall and its game design in a particularly fun way. Some great excerpts from the article:

One of these [games] is Recall, a virtual reality game that uses machine learning, performance and storytelling to improve memory. For those who love to spend their winter nights with a cup of hot coffee pretending to be Sherlock Holmes — you must play Recall. But put down the hot coffee, as this game completely sucks you in."


“You live the document,” said Jyotsna Kadimi, the game’s co-lead designer and producer, a USC Viterbi graduate student in electrical engineering. “Why read about Rome when you can be in Rome?”

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