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("Santiago" key art by Brenda Chen)

Santiago (2017)

(Promotional Video; features edited music from the soundtrack)

Role: ​Composer, Audio Lead

Project Description: "Santiago" is a multi-sensory VR installation that explores the idea of escapism through psychedelic visuals and music. The experience revolves around a physical sculpture of Santiago, an ancient fish god, that transforms into a living, breathing musical instrument that can be played through touch. The music created by the player affects objects and visualizations in the virtual environment, giving each player the agency to shape his or her experience. The piece is built for the HTC Vive and uses Leap Motion technology, allowing users to move freely around the sculpture and physically interact with Santiago.  

Exhibitions / Awards:

VRLA (Los Angeles, CA): May 4-5, 2018​

College Night at the Getty Center (Los Angeles, CA): April 16, 2018


IndieCade (Los Angeles, CA): October 5-7, 2017

Tokyo University of the Arts Games Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan): July 20-31, 2017

Women in Gaming International (WIGI) E3 Afterparty (Los Angeles, CA): June 14, 2017

Rhythms + Visions (Los Angeles, CA): April 28, 2017

VRSC Student Festival (Los Angeles, CA): April 21, 2017 – Won "Best Interactive Award"

USC Undergraduate Research Symposium (Los Angeles, CA): March 12, 2017 – Won "Arts Honorable Mention"

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