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The Lumberjacks (2017)

Role: ​Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist

Project Description: 

"The Lumberjacks" is the first official release of 8812 Productions / Original Musical Numbers, where viewers discover the happy medium between bearded men and old-fashioned woodworking that everyone knows and loves - tap dance.

It's totally a thing.

This project was a blast to work on, and the music was a collaborative effort between myself, Justin Wooten (the wonderful creative director of the musical number, and also one of the tap-dancing Lumberjacks!), Dan Radlauer, Paul Salerno and Douglas Pinsky.

on the web

"The Lumberjacks" has received praise and repost shoutouts from the media company DanceOn (@danceonnetwork) and Swiss dance company Dancefloor (@DancefloorGeneva) on Facebook, amassing over 200K views on social media. Shouts back out to both of them, they are so awesome! Click on the underlined company handles in parentheses to visit the Facebook pages and learn more about each of these wonderful collectives.


To see each company's post of "The Lumberjacks", follow this link (DanceOn) and this link (Dancefloor). Both posts feature one-minute highlights of the musical number; check out the full-length HD video at the top of the page!

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