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Atarax Trailer SS.png

Atarax (Trailer)

Role: Composer

A friendship is pushed to the the brink when a mutual loved one is stripped of her life. Carter and Sid are forced to take matters into their own hands when they find themselves in a nasty drug deal gone awry, but nothing is what it seems as power and principle collide.

Written and Directed by:
Christopher Naoki Lee

Ryan Garcia
David Crane
Ernest Briggs
Amanda Wing
Rhyan Shwartz
Paul Cuneo
Bilal Mir

Production Team:
Ali Dubrow
Samantha Cutaran
Jose Luis Cordoba
Amir Ghareaghadje
Yuvi Grewal
Shawn Kolb
Emilce Martinez
Shaina Morse
Mandeep Singh
Julie Van
Cory Wyszynski

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