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Kindgom Hearts - Dearly Beloved (Memories Remix)

(TL;DR) Click here to see the full song and video (video made by 6TH STREET!)

Role: Music Producer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor, Graphic Designer

Project Description: My Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved remix was quite the (putting it lightly) emotional journey, and simply a blast to work on. This project was done as a collaboration with the amazing 6TH STREET, a wonderful producer and close friend of mine. The track marks our first time working together, and it was truly a team effort through and through. He is easily one of my favorite musical talents to collaborate with, because we always hype each other up and it is so easy to brainstorm ideas, talk through differences, and deliver a magical final product. 

I have always loved the soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts games, so when the opportunity arose to remix a main musical theme from the series, I immediately jumped on it. The idea came to us in anticipation of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which was one of the most eagerly-awaited video games of the last two decades!

The remix itself is broken down into eight parts: 1.) a nostalgic, dialogue-filled introduction, 2.) a heavy-hitting, future-bass style first drop (done by 6TH STREET), 3.) a jazzy interlude, 4.) an upbeat, anime-inspired drum and bass drop that highlights another main theme of the series, 6.) another short jazz-inspired switch up, 7.) a beautiful hybrid synth and orchestral "sound wall" (done by 6TH STREET), and finally 8.) a sentimental piano outro with more poignant dialogue from the series. The songwriting process was done both together and individually, and each decision on what to include in the final track was made together.



Richard Wang, better known by his stage name 6TH STREET, is truly an A-list talent. A multi-faceted entertainer, Richard has been working as a professional choreographer and dancer for six years, and started studying and pursuing a career in music production and DJing two years ago. In the beginning of 2019, he started a music-review and producer-growth talk show on the streaming platform Twitch, and in a few short months has become a Twitch partner and amassed over 600 channel followers. He often invites me to co-host with him, and it is always a wonderful experience.

Click here to follow (or better yet, subscribe) to him on Twitch, and tune in Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at 6 PM PST to see one or both of us having a great time with other creatives!

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